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Modern and a little different, Australia Korean women fashion.

Looking casual, formal or smart for the office, we have what you want. Life’s better when you’re looking good. With such a wide selection of clothing available you can be both your individual self and part of the modern scene. There’s no excuse for not finding a dozen things that reflects your sense of style, and no reason why you shouldn’t look you best all the time.


In Australia, Korean women fashion has steadily grown popular simply because people liked it. Clothing fashions may have first inadvertently received attention with the Korean wave, with BB cream and songs by Psy, but the clothing remained popular as the trends came and went.

Our selections include:

  • Skirts, jeans, shorts, pants, leggings
  • Tops, blouses, tee shirts
  • Dresses – mini, midi and maxi
  • Jackets, coats cardigans
  • Fashionable bags
  • Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bow rings
  • Shoes

By S I E N N A was formed to provide our customers on trend, chic, local and overseas designed pieces at an affordable price.

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